Scenes of Grief

Scenes of Grief is a film project that focuses on scenes in which a person is told of their loved one’s death. This project comes out of my own experience of losing my father when I was sixteen years old. I am haunted by the moment when I was informed of his death. I am haunted by how frightening and obliterating it was. I am haunted by my physical reaction, how I felt both inside and outside of my body. In that moment, I touched something unspeakable and unnameable. I touched the ineffability of death, the void, the abyss.  I still struggle to put that moment into words.  It was a moment of rupture that divided my life between “before” and “after.” Over time, I have become obsessed with how this moment is represented in cinema and how this representation impacts viewers. This project will consist of taking screenshots of scenes from movies that confront this moment of grief. I present these images as a way to examine how cinema depicts the trauma of loss. What are these scenes communicating? Why are they communicating it? How are we impacted by them? These are just a few questions to consider, but every viewer creates their own meaning for these scenes. What’s important is that we look at them and think about them.