Celine Marchbank - Tulip

 In 2009, Celine Marchbank's mother was diagnosed with cancer. Marchbank used her camera to capture her mother's final months. As she told The Guardian, "I felt as if everything would soon be gone. She would be gone, the house would be gone – and all our memories." The profoundly moving photographs have been collected in a book called Tulip. On the publisher's website, Marchbank goes deeper into why she took the photographs:
While I was trying to come to terms with the fact she was dying, I decided I wanted, or maybe needed, to document the time she had left. I didn’t want to create a graphic portrayal of her death, it would have been impossible and wrong to focus only on the dying part, but rather I wanted to photograph our last months together. I looked at the things that made her uniquely her, the details in her house I thought I knew so well, the things that would also be gone when she was. 
Her love of flowers was a beautiful part of her personality; the house was always full of them, and as I photographed them I realised they were symbolic of what was happening – they represented happiness, love, kindness and generosity, but also isolation, decay, and finally death.

All pictures are via The Guardian

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