Noah Angell - Crying in the Ethnographic Field Recording

Crying in the ethnographic field recording is written around selections from the artist’s own collection of records, pinpointing moments of weeping and wailing as they appear in lullabies, mourning songs, laments, and spontaneous outbursts of sobbing as captured in the process of documenting oral transmission. Through an analysis of the shared meaning of crying within divergent communities, Angell focuses upon the problems immanent in grasping the emotional and psychical lives of others through listening.
Featuring recordings of the Bitterroot Salish, Bororo, Csango, Ekonda, Egyptian, Irish Tinkers, and Kaluli people.
Recorded by Adam Laschinger in Sigmund Freud’s garden at The Freud Museum, London on the 6th of July 2013 for the centenary anniversary of Totem & Taboo’s publication.
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with thanks to Noah Angell