An App That Transforms Grief Into Music

Technology is changing the way we grieve, or at least giving us new channels through which to express grief. My blog is itself an example of the evolving relationship between technology and mourning. So I was intrigued when I heard about an app--currently in the development stage--that can be used to turn one's grief into music. The app is called Flutter and it offers new possibilities for coping with loss and expressing difficult emotions like grief, loneliness, and despair.
At first glance, it's just a music generator. You touch anywhere on the screen to build and manipulate a track, changing its key. But it’s designed with an intent to be more than another music app. Flutter has been built from its core to be an easily manipulated soundtrack to your emotional state. Simply by dragging your thumb, the app can echo anything from anger to comfort.
"The ways in which we grieve has changed immeasurably thanks to social media and ubiquitous personal technologies; we’re in closer contact, almost all the time, with people important to us," Williams writes. "At the same time though, young people—who are using that connective-technology the most—are the most vulnerable when it comes to dealing with death. The complex mix of emotions are difficult to navigate, and you often suffer in silence, unable to express the way you feel. We wanted to understand if there was a more meaningful way for adolescents to express themselves, and if so, how they could integrate this into their daily lives."
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