A Daughter Documents Her Mother's Final Days

Though it is nothing she would have wished for, in a relatively short time Nancy Borowick became an expert in photographing death. 
First it was her father, Howie, 58, who died from pancreatic cancer weeks after her photo essay on his illness was published in The Times in late 2013. Almost a year to the day after his death, her mother, Laurel, 59, died last Dec. 6 after a 20-year battle with breast cancer. Ms. Borowick now has a second set of images that tell her mother’s story. 
“We are scared of death and I think that is in large part because we hide it away, out of sight and avoid it until we have to,” she wrote. 
“I’ve gained a lot of perspective since my father died and no moment was wasted this past year with my mother.”
--The New York Times
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