Using Books to Explain Death to Children

The Guardian provides a selection of picture books that explain death to children and young adults. Loss is a difficult thing for a child to understand but, by using books, adults can prepare and comfort a grieving young person. Books can make death a more approachable subject rather than one to avoid.
Dealing with death, in picture books and early readers, is a challenge for parents and publishers alike. There’s often a knee-jerk feeling of revulsion to contend with – “That’s a bit dark”, or “Surely they’re too young for that?” – the readerly equivalent of the sign against the evil eye. 
But toddlers and pre-schoolers are likely to encounter some form of loss, even in their early lives – whether in animal form, or when a grandparent or even a parent dies. For a choked-up, grieving adult, or for one who wants to prepare a child for life’s only inevitability, a well chosen book can speak volumes.
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