Tweeting From a War Zone

As Israel sends deadly bombs into Gaza, Palestinian citizens are using social media to bear witness to the destruction of their communities. On twitter, Mohammed Suliman posts short, searing messages from his home in Gaza. There's something about the 140 character limit that reduces language to its most basic elements. Suliman's tweets read like messages scribbled on scraps of paper and smuggled to the world. They make you stop what you are doing and contemplate the horrific reality of the violence occurring in Gaza. Suliman writes of parents grieving their children, the sound of missiles flying over his home, his fear of death but his desire to communicate the atrocity he is experiencing. This kind of intimate knowledge of everyday life under occupation and bombardment is unprecedented. While mainstream news sources rarely mention the loss of Palestinian life, some Palestinians are finding ways to subvert the West's silencing of their voices and speak out.

Suliman is but one voice. There are many other voices that have been silenced forever by Israel's missiles and bombs. I urge you to follow Suliman's twitter account. We cannot turn away from this appalling injustice.