The Burial of Leo Tolstoy

Astopova Train Station, on the right is the house where Tolstoy died
En route to Tolstoy's house, visible in the distance is the village of Yasnaya Polyana
Deputation of the Yasno-Polyanskyi Peasants
Peasant carts with funeral wreaths
Mourners at Tolstoy's prepared grave
The lowering of Tolstoy's coffin into the grave with kneeling mourners 

These six photo-postcards show various places and moments surrounding the death and burial of Leo Tolstoy. In November 1910 the eighty-two-year-old novelist walked away from his great wealth to devote himself to Christian charity and died in a stationmaster's house after falling ill on a train. Tolstoy's death was of tremendous national importance, and how he was to be mourned–whether to kneel or stand at the grave, for instance–signified a contrast between old and new that would be decided during the Russian Revolution seven years later.
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