Stephen Colbert Remembers His Mother

At the end of Stephen Colbert's beautiful and loving tribute to his mother, Lorna, who passed away a week ago, he says Thank you for listening. Sometimes, grief is so overwhelming there is nothing we can do to comfort another person. No amount of affection, kind words, or casseroles can soothe the grief-stricken, but we want to do something, we want to feel that we are being a good friend, lover, sibling, companion, we want to assuage the pain, make it go away, but we can't. It is one of the most helpless feelings--to watch a person grieve. But sometimes, what we can do is listen. Stephen Colbert wrote this tribute to his mother because he wanted to take the time to honor the woman who had loved and cared for him his entire life. He wanted to speak about his loss, let people know what she meant to him. This is an important part of the grieving process. When people want to talk about the dead, when they want to cry and laugh as they reminisce, the best thing any of us can do is give them our time and attention and truly listen .