James Taylor - Fire and Rain

Seven years ago today, on May 29th, 2006, my father died. It was the most devastating moment of my life. I was sixteen years old and didn’t know how I would live without the man I had always adored. He was my best friend,  offering compassion, support, and understanding when I needed it. I do not just miss him, I ache for him.

His greatest passion was music, and his favorite singer was James Taylor. So I am sharing this song as a tribute to my father. When I listen to it, I will think not of his death but of his life. I will remember the love he gave and the beautiful person he was.

I am heartbroken today, but I will survive. I will read poetry and write and hold on to the people I love. I hurt for all of us who have lost fathers and mothers and friends and lovers and mentors. All I can do is share my story and, in the process, try to connect with others and make them feel less alone. 

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